About Me

My name is Cijin Cherian. I have been living in Thailand for the past few years.

I'm a software developer. I've been writing code for about 5 years now. I like building products, the latest one that I built was ioignition.

As for languages: I use Golang, HTMX, AlpineJs. Ocassionally I write React and NextJs (mostly for work).

Postgres is my database of choice.

Before I fell in love with writing code, I used to be a diving instructor for about six years. One of those days as we were coming back from the dive site, me and my mate were on the roof the boat enjoying the sunset and he was like your name is quite hard to pronounce. So he started thinking of
ways to make it easier to say. He finally got to,

It's sea like the sea (pointing to it) and gin like gin & tonic

I've kept it since. Makes it easy for people to remember my name too.