IoIgnition: Privacy first analyics

A privacy first analyics and performance insights tool. One of most comprehensive products I built. Was a great learning experience on how to build products useful for other people.

demo page for ioignition

@types/post-robot (OSS)

Type definitions for the post-robot repo. I currently still actively maintain the type definitions. Although, it is very minimal overhead as the post-robot repository does not need to be updated often.

It's a very cool cross domain post messaging tool. It's created and used by Paypal in their "Pay with PayPal" button and they use post-robot to securely communicate with an iframe.


Go Start: My very first commercial product


A go project template to get you started quickly.
You can find the detailed Readme here.

Translate Audio: Summarize, Translate & Transcribe Audio (Shut down)

Translate and summarize any YouTube video or podcast using cutting edge AI models. With over 100 languages supported.

You can find the project here: